Portada / Golden Summer Songs 2014 by DJ Golden

Tras el escafandrista también está el DJ. Os dejo una sesión para que nunca se acabe el verano.

Espero que os guste.


Download -> Golden Summer Songs 2014 by DJ Golden

  1. Succubus Remix by The Wars
  2. Slyd by Chk Chk Chk
  3. Toiletries for Bottoms by In Flagranti
  4. Mask Maker by Liars
  5. The Night Mail by The New Jackson
  6. No Fun by The Presets
  7. Regan’s Skeleton (Fast Eddie RMX) by Yeasayer
  8. Tuesday by Intergalactix
  9. Sunlight feat Years & Years by The Magician
  10. Weathervane (Schlock RMX) by Early to Bed
  11. Always a Relief by Radio Dept.
  12. School Is Out (KINKI RMX) by Smile
  13. Very Large Green Triangles by Matmos
  14. Last Sex by Negative Lovers
  15. La Rock 01 by Vitalic
  16. All I want Heroes (LCD Bowie Cover) by Lightouts
  17. Now You Know My Name by The Derevolutions
  18. Spitfire (Syntax RMX) by Public Service Broadcasting
  19. Heavy Crown (Dye RMX) by Y.O.U.
  20. I Wanna Kill by Crocodiles
  21. Mary Wigman by Electric Gardens

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