25 June, 2022

Run es el nuevo single de Midnight Mystery Club (2016)

Género: synth pop.

Midnight Mystery Club - Run

Producido por Michael Gray, Run es la canción que también da por título al largo de Midnight Mystery Club, que circula este mismo mes.

Run suena afable, muy pop, melodías entrañables, aire romántico ochentero del que difícilmente te escaparás indemne.

Produït per Michael Gray, Run és la cançó que també dóna per títol al llarg de Midnight Mystery Club, que circula aquest mateix mes.

Run sona afable, molt pop, melodies entranyables, aire romàntic dels vuitanta del qual difícilment t’escaparàs indemne.

You doubt your place on the earth
The price of your worth
A love that is true we both know
But the fear that keeps you deprived
So you don’t realize
The one thing you need so you turn and go

After you, if I’ve got to I will run right

The tears that pour from those eyes
Cause he pierced his side
So you could be known so much more
And the grave has faded away
Cause love took it’s place
The price that was paid for your soul

After you, if I’ve got to I will run right

If I’ve got to I will run to you

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