Los mejores discos: top 15 LP ‘s 2016


Los mejores discos: top 15 LP ‘s 2016

Ayer fueron las 30 mejores canciones, hoy seguimos poniendo orden al año que se acaba con los discos de larga duración. Que sean quince:: top 15 LP ‘s 2016.

The Radio Dept. - Swedish Guns - Running Out Of Love - top 15 LP 's 2016

01. Running Out Of Love by The Radio Dept. [spotify]
02. Up To Anything by The Goon Sax [bandcamp]

03. Every Now & Then by Jagwar MA [bandcamp]

04. Soft Days by Sea Pinks [bandcamp]

05. Golden Daze by Golden Daze [bandcamp]

06. Return to Love by LVL UP [bandcamp]

07. How to Be a Human Being by Glass Animals [spotify]

08. Epoch by Tycho [bandcamp]

09. Going, Going … by The Wedding Present [spotify]

10. Innocence Reaches by of Montreal

11. Here by Teenage Fanclub [spotify]

12. LNZNDRF by LNZNDRF [spotify]

13. Dreamless by Crocodiles [bandcamp]

14. Prism Tats by Prism Tats [bandcamp]

15. The AERDT – Untold Stories by Pink Turns Blue [spotify]

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