Portada / Confina2 by Golden (2020)

Género: #sesiones #songoftheday

Sesión goldiana improvisada, desde el encierro. Bastante verbenera, aunque con algunas honrosas excepciones y atiborrada de canciones de esta última década y alguna novedad: confina2.

Espero que os guste.


1. Closure by by 2020 Soundsystem
2. The Night Mail by New Jackson
3. Breaking Free by Nerd Revolt
4. Harps by The Sea and Cake
5. Black Spine feat FM Belfast by Kasper Bjorke
6.  Headlock byEsser
7. No Reasons by VEGA
8. On a Train (The Magician remix) by Yuksek
9. Let Go Of The Fear by Maps
10. Just Like Heaven (The Penelopes Remix) by The Cure
11. Comme un enfant (Oxford remix) by  Yelle
12. Zdarlight by Digitalism
13. For Only Love by Lali Puna
14. Arena by Suuns
15. Glasäpplen by Kent
16. Honeytrap (Le Matos remix) by We Have Band
17. This Boys In Love (Lifelike remix) by The Presets
18. 212 (Feat Lazy Jay) by Azelaia Banks
19. Rush Fever by Nation Of Language
20. Holy Smoke by Faded Paper Figures
21. Wrap It Up by Whitey
22. King City by Swim Deep
23. Up To You by David Kitt
24. Lies by Say yes Dog
25. Warm in the Winter by Glass Candy

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